Office Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat

Office Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat

Hanel Rotomat office carousels:
Lowering costs in office and administration
*Speed – Efficiency – Reduced costs! – The days when walls were lined with files and racks of index cards are over, as are the legwork and ladder-climbing that were involved in searching for and archiving files – it took too much time and [...]

Industrial Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat


Hanel Rotomat storage carousel:
New dimensions in logistics.
Optimum utilization of floor space. The term upward mobility takes on a new meaning with the Hanel storage carousel. The Rotomat is as flexible as you need it to be. Units can even stretch over several stores. Goods to user -  is the motto, not [...]

Industrial Vertical Lift Hanel Lean Lift

Industrial Vertical Lift Hanel Lean Lift

Hanel Lean-Lift System with vertical lift technology
Simply ingenious…
The Lean-Lift uses available room heights, similar to high bay racking. Unlike high bay racking, however, the Lean-Lift stores the parts without any loss of storage space, by means of height optimization. This results in maximum storage capacity on a minimum footprint. An economic [...]

Multipurpose containers series MB


Multipurpose containers, series MB – Multi-trip container, ideally suited for distribution, tried and tested for storage and picking, many size and equipment options. Up to 75% less volume when nested empty. Designed for a long service life. Special solution for transporting hazardous substances according to the UN regulations. Customized solutions for post offices and express [...]

Picking Systems

Picking Systems

Not only the product range, order structure and organization of processes, but above all the market with its growing demands are decisive factors in choosing the most suitable picking system
Logistic Systems is able to offer its customers an unmatched variety of picking technology. For every need, for every product assortment [...]

Mobile containers for transporting and order picking


Mobile containers – to handle the pressure of deadlines in distribution the equipment used has to be easy to handle and highly reliable.
Wanzl has everything that your staff needs to make the job of compiling goods on an order-specific basis between the warehouse and dispatch as easy as possible. Also ideally suitable [...]

Order picking trolleys

Order picking

Order picking trolleys by Wanzl: A well-known name in the retail branch for over 50 years and now highly appreciated for its optimized solutions for material flows in all sectors of business and industry. With international experience in warehousing and transportation of goods we have made a major contribution to the [...]

Archive and Industrial Drawer Cupboards

Archive and Industrial Drawer Cupboards

Archive cupboards
Professional storage of drawings, maps etc. up to DIN A0. Securely archived and with rapid access.
The professional storage of important documents – no problem with flat filing from KIND. The models for the DIN A1 and DIN A0 formats can be combined with two different drawer heights: front heights 65 or [...]

Small parts storage bins series RK


Small part storage bins, series RK – possibilities of numerous cross and longitudinal dividers, which enable high density storage. Bolt-less shelving with one or more different dimension bins series RK.

5 years warranty

Storage and transport equipment

Storage and transport 02 -

Storage space is more valuable than ever before, every square centimeter counts. This means that space-saving systems that can be easily stacked and transported and are designed for maximum versatility are of ultimate importance.
Clever storage and transport
concepts are required everywhere that goods have to be moved around and where streamlined [...]

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