Bins and Containers

Multipurpose containers series MB


Multipurpose containers, series MB – Multi-trip container, ideally suited for distribution, tried and tested for storage and picking, many size and equipment options. Up to 75% less volume when nested empty. Designed for a long service life. Special solution for transporting hazardous substances according to the UN regulations. Customized solutions for post offices and express [...]

Small parts storage bins series RK


Small part storage bins, series RK – possibilities of numerous cross and longitudinal dividers, which enable high density storage. Bolt-less shelving with one or more different dimension bins series RK.

5 years warranty

Storage bins and containers series XL и BN


Storage bins and containers series XL и BN –   the two of them are available in two modifications
-          Storage bins with short side pick opening
-          Stacking and transporting containers, with different varieties of sides and base, designed for large volume storage

5 years warranty

Containers series KLT and trays with high load capacity


Rigid, compact container series KLT – multipurpose container, outstanding stacking stability, numerous varieties and dimensions, three types of bases, suited for conveyors and automated bin storage installations.

5 years warranty

Storage bins series SК and РК


Storage bins series SК and РК – classic storage bins with short side pick opening
Series SК – available also like bin racking and trolleys and louvered panels for storage bins. With optimum travel characteristics due to textured base and rounded edges.
Series РК – cost efficient option but in only two colours and four dimensioning.

5 [...]

Folding containers series MFB


Folding containers series MFB– suited for order picking and versatile transport.
Folding reduces volume by up to 82%. Robust hinges for a long service life

Withstands temperatures from -20°С to +90°С
Multi-purposes, long life storage

The new generation containers SL 86


Performance at its best
Get to know the LEAN version of a large volume container! BITO’s lightweight option for heavy loads opens up new possibilities in production logistics.
Load bearing capacity of 500 kg per container – with base dimension of 800 x 600 mm.
The non-deforming one piece construction provides excellent rigidity and stacking stability – [...]

Special purpose containers


We can offer you multiple solutions, which will meet your requirements. Contact us to be convinced!
Special purposes– examples:
-          Work piece holders for small items – from polystyrene as of 500 pieces. – with thickness from 2 to 5 mm and height up to 120 according to your requirements. Contours are adapted to your work piece.

Plastic pallets and folding bulk containers


All pallets feature excellent mechanical performance, long service life, nest ability, easy cleaning, low weight and sound a good alternative to conventional wooden pallets.
Display pallets, light and heavy duty  pallets with feet or with runners. Nestable or stacking.
Smooth surface for those with solid deck or for the hygienic.
Available sizes – 800х600; 600х400 mm– display pallets, [...]

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