Shelving and racking systems

Shelving systems


Shelving’s diversity depending on needs and applications:

different heights from 1 850 mm to 3 000 mm – for standard applications and from 3 000 mm to 12 000 mm for high store application
useful depths from 300 mm to 800 mm
shelf length from 750 mm to 2000 mm
shelf load capacity up to [...]

Wide span shelving systems

Wide span shelving  systems

Bolt-less assembly – only the frames need to be bolted. Level spacing can be adjusted in 50 mm increments. Chipboard panels and steel shelves are flush with the upper beam edge to prevent damage to panel/shelf edges. Frames are galvanized, beams are epoxy-coated.
Characteristics of the system:

Multi-tier shelving and racking / mezzanines

FBR_0664_A resized

Multi- tier shelving made with a common platform or hanging passes between the rows, combining all the capabilities of shelving systems and also building operational tiers in height by their own structure.
One solution that saves us a separate building structure, allowing the maximum utilization of the height. Comfortable and functional interior height using [...]

Pallet racking

Heavy duty shelving and Pallet racking

PRO system – complete racking units
Bolt-less assembly – only the frames need to be bolted. Racking levels are height adjustable in 50 mm pitch. Frames are galvanized, beams are epoxy-coated in RAL5010 (blue) providing high corrosion resistance. Innovative Twin Top® beam profiling methods guarantee an optimum material thickness/load capacity ratio. [...]

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking – one storage system – four applications:
-          For rigid long loads: arms with and without end stops

-          For flexible long loads, section profiles and bulky goods: arms with straight shelf levels
-          For ergonomically favorable picking at the place of assembly: arms with inclined shelf levels
-          For coils and vertically stored goods: tubular arms

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