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Archive Mobile Shelvings

Archive Mobile Shelvings

FOREG mobile shelving systems are known for their high quality and – consequently – long service life. The multitude of applications, diversity of lines and profusion of accessories make for shelving systems that meet the requirements of the most discerning customers.
The use of top-quality materials, processed by drawing on the [...]

Library Shelving Systems

Library Shelving Systems

LIBRARY SHELVING BY FORSTER – knowledge coherently stored.
Libraries are the treasuries of our knowledge, and for this reason they need to be arranged in a special order. FOREG shelving systems give shape to this order, and they are thus an integral part of a library’s interior design.

Accessories for shelving systems

ZMF 9693

A shelving system needs to be more than just the sum of its parts. For this reason, the FOREG series comes with a full range of accessories tailored to your specific requirements.
The many different accessories  can all be mixed and matched, added to at a later stage or interchanged.
-Pull-out shelf ; Dividers [...]

RFIQ™ Library System


RFIQ™ is the most advanced library security system on the market today for the protection of library items, designed and developed by D-Tech.  The system delivers perimeter based protection and improved alarm handling capability and provides a migrateable path to RFID when budgets allow.

RFID Library Systems


RFID is a way for you to deliver services smarter, faster and in the way consumers want to receive them. No queues or long waiting times, no access problems or customer service issues but longer opening hours, enhanced customer services and improved stock availability.

Self check solutions


The D-Tech SelfCheck kiosks has become a familiar service in libraries all over the world, this means no queues, shorter waiting times, opening libraries 24/7 and library staff are freed up to help customers. D-Tech have also developed a multifunction kiosk allowing users to not only issue and return items in the library, but to also book [...]

Vending & Dispensing


D-Tech Vendit™ product is ergonomic and environmentally friendly . Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint the unit is also styled to meet ergonomic guidelines. It’s modular design allows for easy add on options such as chip and pin and special care has been taken to make this unit easy and [...]

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