Automated logistics systems for warehouses and distribution centres

Picking Systems

Picking Systems

Not only the product range, order structure and organization of processes, but above all the market with its growing demands are decisive factors in choosing the most suitable picking system
Logistic Systems is able to offer its customers an unmatched variety of picking technology. For every need, for every product assortment [...]

Conveyor systems


Under the aspects of speed and high availability and also with low noise emission and safety in mind, our conveying systems are developed for use in order fulfillment and distribution centers.
Quiet operation and high throughput have made KNAPP the leading manufacturer of conveying technology.
Optimize your material flow Up to 180m/min and 60 [...]

Storage systems


Storage and retrieval
Whether for interim storage in production, for overstock or for immediate use in picking processes – automatic storage and retrieval systems are an essential part of modern warehouse concepts.
They reliably put material at disposal, protect from external influences and unauthorized access, and greatly increase warehouse capacity by exploiting [...]

KNAPP Integrated Software


Your warehouse processes are at the center of our complete logistics solution. Experience from over 1000 installed solutions makes us a competent partner for all your logistics needs.
Make the most of the potential in your value creation chain and in your processes by increasing efficiency with our standardized and adaptable functions.

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