Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking – one storage system – four applications:
-          For rigid long loads: arms with and without end stops

-          For flexible long loads, section profiles and bulky goods: arms with straight shelf levels

-          For ergonomically favorable picking at the place of assembly: arms with inclined shelf levels

-          For coils and vertically stored goods: tubular arms

  • Cantilever  racking type L and type S

Columns and cantilever arms epoxy-coated, all other components galvanized

No bolts needed for assembly and height adjustment of cantilever arms and shelves

Height adjustment on a 60 mm pitch

Racking heights of up to 3700 mm, level depths of 400 to 850 mm

High load capacities

High quality surface finish

Columns from IPE profiles

For single sided and double sided use

For indoor use

  • Cantilever racking type ES – heavy duty applications

Columns are made from IPE 120-500 profiles, cantilever arms from IPE 80-160 profiles

Profile type will be selected according to required load capacity

Arms are height adjustable on a 100mm pitch

Surfaces are sandblasted, electrostatic ally painted, optionally for outdoor use hot-dip galvanized

Bracing and joining elements are galvanized according to EN 10326

Static calculations and construction work are made according to the requirements of DIN 18800.

BITO cantilever racking conforms to the latest health and safety regulations as well as to RAL-RG 614/5.

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