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FOREG mobile shelving systems are known for their high quality and – consequently – long service life. The multitude of applications, diversity of lines and profusion of accessories make for shelving systems that meet the requirements of the most discerning customers.
The use of top-quality materials, processed by drawing on the most advanced technology, guarantees that the product will work to perfection.

FOREG 2000 – the framed shelving archive system
Framed shelving systems by Forster are ideal for many different applications. Whether archives, museums, libraries, offices or shops – FOREG 2000 offers the base from which to customize your storage space. It can be quickly reconfigured into a mobile system or extended by additional modules.
FOREG 2000 just offers more: shelf height adjustable in 20 mm increments, no-tools assembly, add-on modular system, accessories interchangeable with those for FOREG 1000

The mobile version of FOREG 2000 has all the qualities required from a high-performance storage system. Different to stationary bays only the aisle currently in use is open, an arrangement that almost doubles the available storage space.

  • Large loads easily moved – The sturdy system of running and guiding wheels in their tracks moves around heavy loads with little effort. The steel tracks with inside guidance are laid on the unfinished concrete or finished floor on a platform, placed flush with the floor.
  • Drives – Hand-wheel drive for loads of up to 2000 kg per bay; Crank for loads of up to 5000 kg per bay, floor chain or wheel and disk drive; Electric drive for loads in excess of 5000 kg per bay.

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