PRO motion Shuttle-System … the remote-controlled pallet transport shuttle from BITO

The BITO PRO motion shuttle system is a solution for storing pallets in deep lanes and serves as an alternative to drive-in racking, Push-back and pallet live storage. The shuttle, which is battery-driven and remote-controlled, conveys pallets in lanes. Running on guide rails, it moves pallets automatically at speeds of up to one meter per second. Loading, unloading and transferring between lanes are carried out by conventional forklifts. The PRO motion system permits use of both the FiFo (first-in first-out) and the LiFo (last-in first-out) principle.

In cooperation with the Committee on Transport and Storage Technology of the BGHW in Mannheim, BITOLagertechnik has developed and implemented a unique technology for ensuring safe operation.General advantages

  • compact storage system
  • no incline and thus high utilization of cubic capacity
  • high floor space utilization thanks to deep lanes
  • FIFO and LIFO principles possible
  • damage-free storage of sensitive goods
  • individual access to each lane
  • cost-efficient with a small range of articles

System specific advantages

  • low-quality pallets can be used without difficulty
  • pallet racking frames are based on our proven PRO pallet racking system
  • pallets can weigh up to 1,500 kg
  • rails can be selected according to pallet weight, ensuring optimal travel characteristics and safe storage
  • light, long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • rugged remote control for operation of up to four shuttles
  • sophisticated, seamless safety concept developed in cooperation with the BGHW (German Health & Safety Association)
  • no wiring of the racking system necessary
  • also ideally suited for frozen storage

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