Industrial Vertical Lift Hanel Lean Lift

Hanel Lean-Lift System with vertical lift technology
Simply ingenious…
The Lean-Lift uses available room heights, similar to high bay racking. Unlike high bay racking, however, the Lean-Lift stores the parts without any loss of storage space, by means of height optimization. This results in maximum storage capacity on a minimum footprint. An economic solution, convincing to all.

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Principles – At the center of the Hänel Lean-Lift is a computerized positioning elevator – called the „extractor“. In front and behind it are the storage shelves. This is where the articles are stored in containers.
The storage locations are accessed under electronic control by the extractor. It stores or retrieves the container requested.

Benefits -The Hänel Lean-Lift is the optimum storage and materials handling system that saves time, storage capacity and costs.
The pluses:

  • Over 60% more storage capacity!
  • Faster storage and retrieval, increased productivity!
  • Optimum use of storage volume, due to height-optimized storage!
  • Storage and handling of bulky and heavy parts!
  • Load-carrying capacity per container up to 1,000 kg!
  • Load-carrying capacity per Lean-Lift up to 60,000 kg!

Individual – Utmost flexibility with the integrated frame profile
The container slots are integrated in Hänel’s Lean-Lift in the form of a fixed frame profile – a unique solution. This eliminates the need for mechanical or electronic modifications – even if your range of articles changes!

Storage Capacity – The Hänel Lean-Lift creates over 60 % more cubic capacity than mini load systems (MLSs) on the same footprint by offering more compact, height-optimized storage.
The pluses

  • Improved capacity utilization due to height-optimized storage!
  • Over 60 % more storage capacity!
  • Step-by-step expansion of storage capacity!
  • Several operators can work and use it simultaneously!
  • Retrieval times are considerably shorter!
  • Decentralized storage right at the production line!

Design – With several colours and combinations available, Hänel Lean Lift blend easily into any environment. Four modern colours and the new premium lacquered finish are available for you to choose from. The choice is yours…

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