Conveyor systems


Under the aspects of speed and high availability and also with low noise emission and safety in mind, our conveying systems are developed for use in order fulfillment and distribution centers.

Quiet operation and high throughput have made KNAPP the leading manufacturer of conveying technology.

Optimize your material flow Up to 180m/min and 60 kg per unit

Increased throughput
Quiet operation
Improved stability
Functional design
Flexible modules
Clever and economical

Container conveyor system

A professional, flexible transport system forms the foundation of every logistics solution.

STREAMLINE, KNAPP’s new transport system, has been developed for processing and distribution center applications. Specific features such as high availability, maximum speed, minimal noise emission, safety and flexibility have all been incorporated into the design. Whether plastic containers, cartons, trays or soft-packs, STREAMLINE is fast and reliable in transporting your products through the entire processing chain. All parts are manufactured at KNAPP’s headquarters in Austria, and while ensuring consistently high quality, our expertise in increasing throughput and at the same time minimizing operating noise makes us one of the leading manufacturers in this area.

Sorter systems

The best conveying system is only as good as its integrated sorting system. That’s why KNAPP offers standard products and special machines to meet the demands of its customers. And there’s no beating our technological know-how when it comes to merging, identifying and take-away conveyors.


Wherever monotonous and routine tasks have to be tackled in the warehouse, KNAPP offers fully or partially automated solutions to increase productivity and make sensible use of human resources.

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