KNAPP Integrated Software

Your warehouse processes are at the center of our complete logistics solution. Experience from over 1000 installed solutions makes us a competent partner for all your logistics needs.

Make the most of the potential in your value creation chain and in your processes by increasing efficiency with our standardized and adaptable functions.

From real-time control to control of the complete supply chain – KNAPP provides all functionality necessary for the operation of a modern distribution center, with an intelligent user interface linking all levels of these functions. KNAPP’s warehouse logistics software is available as a standard package with specific features for different sectors (e.g. lot-tracking for pharmacy businesses).

KiSoft WMS (Warehouse Management System)

KiSoft WMS is the leading standard system both for conventional paperless systems and for automated warehouses, with best practice processes in the warehouse, more than 1,100 standard features and short implementation times.
From IT automation (RF terminals, Pick-by-Voice) to fully-automatic processes, the scalable WMS centrally controls all warehouse processes from goods-in to goods-out. The continuous monitoring of all processes ensures proactive optimization and guarantees added value in comparison to conventional warehouse management systems.
This superior package includes multi-customer, multi-warehouse and multi-language features.

KiSoft WCS (Warehouse Control System)

The material flow control system coordinates, controls and regulates all the automatic material flow processes. Handling asymmetric workloads is just as much a part of the standard WCS scope of functions as is time and distance optimization for complex material flows over the various components. Along with integration of KNAPP’s own hardware such as OSR (AS/RS), SDA (fully automatic picking system), MPS (semi-automatic picking system), sorters and so on, a standardized interface is available for flexible connection to third-party components.

KiSoft SCE (Supply Chain Execution)

Warehouse operations, such as order splitting that spans several warehouses, balancing stock and replenishment products between the warehouses, as well as cross-docking are made easy with KiSoft SCE. Warehouse comprehensive statistics permit the easy and effective analysis of the complete supply chain, instead of just isolated warehouse processes.

KiSoft Track & Trace -Quality beyond your warehouse
The continual monitoring of the flow of goods over the boundaries of the warehouse and beyond using IT support (RF terminals) allows a 100% delivery check of all goods, as well as a system-guided taking back of empties (pallets, containers, cool boxes…) directly at the customer’s, and gives notification of returns ahead of time via web portal. The constant tracking of the vehicle using GPRS/GPS guarantees complete data security and therefore the highest quality in the customer processes.

KiSoft WFM (Workforce Management System) -Increasing performance through process evaluation

Modeling and real-time evaluation of the warehouse processes using REFA target times using the WFM guarantee the objective, performance-related evaluation of the employee (bonus system) and a sustainable increase of the warehouse performance. The WFM simulation model makes it possible to test changes in process or in warehouse topology in advance using historical data, providing verification.

KiSoft MIS (Management Information System) – Transparency of your processes

The continuous collection of data and background calculations, evaluation and prognosis allow KiSoft MIS to provide information regarding status and progression of the warehouse processes at any time. On the one side, management can monitor performance in the warehouse on-line and quickly react to deviations; on the other side, the key performance indicators (KPI) ascertained facilitate a long-term evaluation of the core logistical processes. For customers with third-party logistics, the MIS provides a web portal which permits access to targeted index numbers from outside the warehouse.


KiSoft COMMAND is a software package, which provides a uniform standard user interface available to virtually any source system. With configurable dialogues, data of the source system can be both read and changed.

KiSoft COMMAND is supplied with basic dialogues for the most popular KiSoft products. During a customer project, these dialogues can be adapted and expanded by a developer. The integrated access system enables a controlled access to the data of the source system. The interfaces between KiSoft COMMAND and source systems are standardized. This enables to additionally integrate data from the source system, which is not part of the KiSoft family, into the user interface.

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