RFID Library Systems

RFID is a way for you to deliver services smarter, faster and in the way consumers want to receive them. No queues or long waiting times, no access problems or customer service issues but longer opening hours, enhanced customer services and improved stock availability.

For you improved security, flexibility in stock management and inventory control, improved data collection and trend analysis. We were also one of the first in the UK to introduce 24 hr vending for libraries.

RFID frees up staff from behind the counter and allows them to interact with library visitors, develop new services and benefit from faster, smarter RFID transactions.

We’ve been using the open Danish standard ISO 28560-3 since 2006 so it goes without saying that we are one hundred percent supportive of an open standard within the industry.

This means that you now have the opportunity to choose from a range of supplier products and services as they will be compatible and open.

RFID range of products

RFID Labels

The main component of any RFID / RFIQ system is the label itself. Without the label the rest of the system, whether gates, staff workstation solutions or SelfCheck Kiosks, simply cannot function. It’s therefore very important that the labels you chose are 100% reliable and fit for use in your library. D-Tech’s RFID / RFIQ labels are compliant with ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 air-interface protocols and the SLI-X chips are more than capable of storing data in the industry-standard ISO 28560-2 format. In addition, we are proud to offer all labels in our range with a 40 year or 100,000 re-write data retention guarantee.

RFID Staff pad

The StaffPad (Workstation) allows for issue/ returns and renewal of items at the staff counter. This unique product also allows the staff to add data to the label (programming tags).  “Two products in one” It can be located either on top or below the desk.  Designed and manufactured by D-Tech, it focuses the detection field so it will only read the item above the silver top.  It will not read labels beside or under the unit.  Made in the UK.  Connecting to the staff PC and LMS, Programming in Offline mode – No LMS connection, Supplied with software (D-Tech conversion and D-Tech Circulation)

RFID Inventory Wand

The D-Tech RFID Wand allows users to easily collect information from items on the shelves with one pass, the information is stored on the PDA which is connected via Bluetooth (no cables). The PDA can be carried by the user or with a special clip, connected directly onto the RFID wand.

If you are searching for an item, the PDA will alert the user with a visual and acoustic indicator. This allows the user to complete an inventory and search for an item at the same time. Multi function software allows inventory and search function at the same time enabling you to search for: Initial inventory; Misplaced or incorrectly shelved items; Special media; Reservations; Number of borrowings.

Fast and easy data transfer allows library staff to search for items on hold without the need for IT staff to download files.

The D-Tech RFID Wand can also be used with other suppliers RFID systems. Light and easy to use, the best wand available today.

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Self-check solutions

D-Tech RFID SelfCheck kiosks have become a familiar service in libraries all over the world. Some of the ways that they benefit libaries are fewer queues, shorter waiting times, the ability to extend opening hours, available 24/7 service and relinquishing library staff to help customers. D-Tech have also developed a multifunction kiosk allowing users to not only issue and return items in the library, but to also book a PC with Netloan or pay council tax, rent and many more options. “The ability to add services to your own library services”

Our RFID SelfCheck kiosks has been developed, designed and manufactured by D-Tech in the UK to provide the very best self service options, compliant with current data standards, access requirements and for different environments.

Alongside our SelfCheckV4 software we have a range of self service units to meet different needs and budgets. We even have 24 hr vending units to dispense books and multi media at any time of the night or day.

Security gate solutions

Our Plexiglas RFIDGate system provides perimeter based protection and improves alarm handling capability for any location where traditional RFID systems are not appropriate or where enhanced protection is required.

Packaged in a durable Plexiglas frame with attractive stainless steel base, the RFIDGate system combines an obvious deterrent with an aesthetically pleasing design.

Our advanced digital RFID technology uses state of the art digitally enhanced receivers to chip technology to ensure superior detection with false alarm-free protection.Integrated lights illuminate system for visually impaired and to indicate system is on and working.The ‘GateViewer’ software application collates and identifies all alarm incidents, with connection and troubleshooting status to installed system. Mounts as a free standing unit. Compatable with other suppliers installations.

Returns and sorting

D-Tech can deliver a huge range of returns and sorting options to suit individual projects as 24Bookdrop™ and 24Bookreturn™.

24 hours library – D-Tech Vendit™

Our Vendit™ product is ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint the unit is also styled to meet ergonomic guidelines. Its modular design allows for easy add on options such as chip and pin and special care has been taken to make this unit easy and accessible for library staff to maintain and manage.

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