RFIQ™ Library System

RFIQ is the most advanced library security system on the market today for the protection of library items, designed and developed by D-Tech.  The system delivers perimeter based protection and improved alarm handling capability and provides a migrateable path to RFID when budgets allow. Combined with our new M180 antenna which itself is very cost effective, the RFIQ™ system, with labels and staff pad, costs less than the EM systems currently available.  Ongoing costs are less and the system can be upgraded to RFID at a later stage allowing reading of items with the wand for stock taking and searching.  This is an ideal package  with very high detection and NO false alarms and antenna that can space over 1.6m.

RFIQ Products


The main component of any RFID / RFIQ™ system is the label itself. Without the label the rest of the system, whether gates, staff workstation solutions or SelfCheck Kiosks, simply cannot function. It’s therefore very important that the labels you chose are 100% reliable and fit for use in your library. D-Tech’s RFID / RFIQ™ labels are compliant with ISO 18000-3 and ISO 15693 air-interface protocols and the SLI-X chips are more than capable of storing data in the industry-standard ISO 28560-2 format. In addition, we are proud to offer all labels in our range with a 40 year or 100,000 re-write data retention guarantee.


The Plexiglas RFIQ™ system offers three dimensional detection loop and provides perimeter based protection and improves alarm handling capability for libraries where traditional systems are not appropriate or where increased protection is needed.

The M180 RFIQ ™ system offers a more cost effective antenna based on a single transceiver loop  and provides perimeter based protection.

Packaged in a durable Plexiglas frame with attractive stainless steel base, the M180 RFIQ™ antenna system combines an obvious barrier with a good looking design.

D-Tech RFIQ™ StaffPad

The StaffPad (Workstation) allows for issue/ returns of items at the staff counter. This unique product switches the security OFF and ON when item are processed on the LMS. It can be located either on top or below the desk.  Designed and manufactured by D-Tech, it focuses the detection field so it will only read the item above the silver top.  It will not read labels beside or under the unit.  Made in the UK with recyclable materials. The StaffPad can also be used when you decide to upgrade to RFID. No waste – purchase one system and get an RFID system as well

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