Vending & Dispensing

D-Tech Vendit™ product is ergonomic and environmentally friendly . Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint the unit is also styled to meet ergonomic guidelines. It’s modular design allows for easy add on options such as chip and pin and special care has been taken to make this unit easy and accessible for library staff to maintain and manage.

What is Vendit™
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Vendit™ is the latest product from D-Tech which dispenses items to library users anywhere in your area, this could be in your local NHS, Train station, Council offices, Bus station, the possibilities are endless.
Vendit™ can hold 200,400,600,800 or 1000 items depending on your needs,  items can be Books, CDs or DVDs.
The software uses flow control and can display titles, images and captions. Users can also search for item by Title, Author or subject, once an item is selected Vendit locates the item and deliveries it to the user bis the access door.
A library you can place anywhere
Taking the concept of self service one step further with our self service media store for a huge range of vendable products.  Vending units can be adapted to accommodate a wide range of items in different quantities and sizes.  You choose, the machine dispenses.   Now products can be available seven days a week, 24hrs a day and in places

where retail, leisure, private and public outlets may not traditionally hold a presence such as:

Internal/external foyers
Remote location for outreach services such as:

  • Park and ride
  • Local surgery, clinics, hospitals, stations and airports
  • On the street
  • Community Centers
  • Leisure centers
  • Retail outlets

Options: (example here for DVD/book vending)

  • Stock volume capacity (200 – 1000 units)
  • Multimedia boxed vending – books, DVDs, CD’s
  • Return option font end if chamber is free
  • Reservations and customer pick up

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