Self check solutions

The D-Tech SelfCheck kiosks has become a familiar service in libraries all over the world, this means no queues, shorter waiting times, opening libraries 24/7 and library staff are freed up to help customers. D-Tech have also developed a multifunction kiosk allowing users to not only issue and return items in the library, but to also book a PC with Netloan or pay council rent and many more options. “The option to add services to your own library services”

The D-Tech SelfCheck kiosks has been developed, designed and manufactured by D-Tech in the UK to provide the very best self service options, compliant with current data standards, access requirements and for different environments.

Alongside our SelfCheckV4 software we have a range of self service units to meet different needs and budgets. We even have 24 hr vending units to dispense books and multimedia at any time of the night or day. (Please see Vending and Dispensing)

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Self service – improving service, meeting expectations.

  • SelfCheck kiosk for all budgets
  • RFID – EM – Bar code Only
  • LED lighting interacts with users
  • Wide selection of languages
  • Includes multimedia issue and return
  • Cash function including Chip and Pin, coin, change, note or card  payments
  • Variety of designs, finishes and colors for self service units
  • DDA Complaint
  • MultiFunction SelfCheck kiosks – NetLoan – Rent Payment

SelfCheck Range:

  • D-Tech ECO SelfCheck™
  • D-Tech GEM SelfCheck™
  • D-Tech ICE SelfCheck™
  • D-Tech RUBY SelfCheck™
  • D-Tech AIR SelfCheck™

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