Archive and Industrial Drawer Cupboards

Archive cupboards
Professional storage of drawings, maps etc. up to DIN A0. Securely archived and with rapid access.
The professional storage of important documents – no problem with flat filing from KIND. The models for the DIN A1 and DIN A0 formats can be combined with two different drawer heights: front heights 65 or 130 mm. Thanks to the sophisticated housing construction up to 3 units can be stacked on top of each other (25 drawers each 65 mm high). Drawer cupboards/shelves
The features and functionality of KIND drawer cupboards prove effective in workshop and factory use. From small parts to tools – everything to hand!
The drawer cupboards and drawer shelves from KIND stand out with their variability, solid construction and exemplary practicality. Functionality and a range of accessories give this cupboard system a unique place amongst business fittings. Worldwide the only system awarded the RAL quality seal RG 614.
Three different cupboard heights and widths offer the right choice for the individual setting. 11 drawer heights from 60 to 450 mm offer a multitude of solutions for professional storage – from the smallest electronic parts to heavy tools.
Coming from the same family as the KIND drawer cupboards, the drawer shelves system brings with it a range of synergies. Thus the drawers – with different load capacities and extensions – can be assembled in a variety of configurations.
Filing & CD-Rom Cabinets
Important documents in standard formats can be safely archived with KIND Filing Cabinets. Optimum high density storage.

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