Workstation Systems

Workplace’s ergonomic arrangement  and the optimization of work processes are the strengths of  KIND’s multi workstation system. Our specialists team supports you with advice, planning assistance and the realization of complex production lines.

Workbench function
The intelligent solution for demanding usage. The unique utility rail with installable power and compressed air supply and drawers with a variety of partition solutions meet the highest ergonomic requirements.

Workbench modul
The two module widths provide for a variety of different, per-configured workbench models. They can be combined with one another and covered with a continuous work surface (max width 2525 mm). As standard with 40 mm multiplex work surface from beech wood, also available with optional special work surfaces.

Assembly Trolley
The intelligent addition to KIND workbenches: The drawer systems can be equipped with a variety of accessories and are available with standard and full extension.

Workbench Superstructures
A comprehensive range of workbench superstructures enabling workplaces to be individually equipped, according to requirements.
The modules are simple to assemble and optimize the work process with their ergonomic arrangement of individual elements. Attached side elements can be swiveled.

Ergonomic workplace EAP
Complex assembly processes begin with the ergonomic provision of a multitude of small parts and work aids.
The ergonomic workplace provides a range of components for this purpose – adjusted at lightening speed they can be adapted to the needs of the individual user. An optimal provision of power, compressed air and data cables is guaranteed.
With individually adjustable table stand and attachment elements this system meets all the demands placed on a modern workplace arrangement. The elements of the system are naturally also available as ESD components.

Table One
A real quick change artist! With its modular construction and three heights and widths it qualifies for any imaginable application.
Practical: with its basis table and attachment elements, row arrangements can be easily assembled to provide an optimal use of space – naturally both single and double sided!
The various basis tables can be combined and equipped with a comprehensive range of accessories.

Workplace interlink system AVS
The interlink system from KIND meets the requirements of a variety of tasks: whether simple circulation systems or complex production set ups, this modular system can be adapted to a wide range of work flows.
The individual basis modules meet the needs of a diverse transfer system – e.g. corners enable the work piece holder to be rotated through 90° – mechanical stoppers serve to fix the work piece holder at the assembly workplace.
A variety of rollers and roller conveyor sizes from either plastic or stainless steel meet all the fundamental requirements of a rational and universal transfer system.

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