Picking Systems

Not only the product range, order structure and organization of processes, but above all the market with its growing demands are decisive factors in choosing the most suitable picking system

Logistic Systems is able to offer its customers an unmatched variety of picking technology. For every need, for every product assortment – here you’ll find the perfect solution to increase productivity, cut transit times and lower error rates. And what is more, the system pays for itself within a very short time.

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Automatic systems
Automation separates manual work from the actual picking process, requires less staff and effectively deals with daily business peaks. Ideal for well-defined ABC structures and products with geometrically-shaped packaging.
Semi-automatic systems
Surroundings are optimized for manual picking. Suitable for items which cannot be „automated“ for economic or technical reasons.
Manual systems
The entire picking area is divided into individual zones, connected by computer-controlled conveyors which are also used for putting products into storage (put away). Carriage times are reduced with zones laid out to best suit the given conditions.

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