Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Moving up to 100 kg goods/meter, Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors will help you improve productivity by up to 50% and the work environment at the loading bay

A telescopic belt conveyor lets one operator move heavy or awkward packages into or out of a container/truck rapidly, safely, and with less physical strain. Extending some 20 metres/65 ft, telescopic belt conveyors can be used for any type of loose-loaded cargo – typically parcels, boxes, sacks, and tyres.

Safety, Reliability, and Innovation
These are the hallmarks of Caljan BeltTrack conveyors. The robust machines are designed with a range of innovative features to ensure the highest safety and reliable operation. All chains and other moving parts are encased or shielded to protect the operator. With a service contract, the uptime is more than 95%.

With an intuitive smart-pad on either side of the conveyor the operator can control the conveyor’s elevation and telescopic movement. Push buttons at the operator end control activation, efficient work light, and belt direction.

Innovative Features ensure advanced Performance
The market’s widest range of features can be added to many of the conveyor variants – when ordering or as retrofit – such as an operator platform, vacuum lifting aid, and a cooling fan to mention just a few.

A small base section combined with up to five extending sections gives you the freedom to choose the telescopic conveyors that suit your requirements.

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