Schneider Electric Bulgaria with a new HANEL Lean Lift


Schneider Electric  choose Logistic system as supplier of  the automated storage system, produced by  HANEL for spare parts storage of their Maintenance Division. The new automated storage system has container’s size 2060/825 and a height of 5 meters.  
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New HANEL Lean Lift in Russe


The new Automated Storage System HANEL  Lean-Lift with a container 2460/850 мм is already working in Russe – Marpex Agro. The Automated System is storing spare parts and is with a height of  6 meters and 35 containers with overall storage surface  71 sq. meters over 7.8 sq.meters of the building.
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Boltless shelvings campaign – overvue


From April to October 2012  was held a Bolt-less shelving campaign  with the additional discount gain us new customers and long lasting also:  NPP Kozlodui, Bulgarian Scientific Academy – Archives, Makita Bulgaria, National Expert Medical Commission, Pentax Medical Bulgaria, Pnevmatik 2003 and Honeywell.

Thank you for your vote of confidence!
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Red dot design award for SL 86 container


The design center of North Rhine Westphalia which has won worldwide recognition for regularly hosting international design competitions has awarded the BITO SL86 container with a very coveted prize: the red dot award.

Attention given to this prize is high and this all the more as it is not only awarded for intelligent design and product value, but also in view of ecological sustainability and long term benefits for the environment and the user.
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PRO motion Shuttle-System … the remote-controlled pallet transport shuttle from BITO

0001_Shuttle_mit_Regal_mo Kopie

The BITO PRO motion shuttle system is a solution for storing pallets in deep lanes and serves as an alternative to drive-in racking, Push-back and pallet live storage. The shuttle, which is battery-driven and remote-controlled, conveys pallets in lanes. Running on guide rails, it moves pallets automatically at speeds of up to one meter per second. Loading, unloading and transferring between lanes are carried out by conventional forklifts. The PRO motion system permits use of both the FiFo (first-in first-out) and the LiFo (last-in first-out) principle.

In cooperation with the Committee on Transport and Storage Technology of the BGHW in Mannheim, BITOLagertechnik has developed and implemented a unique technology for ensuring safe operation.
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Sofia airport’s containers

sofia airport4

Sofia airport starts furnishing his terminals with bins from  BITO –Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH.  The bins are from the multifunctional series  МВ 64171 with the airport logo. The tampon printing is possible for every order, but sounds profitable for more then 200 items.  It makes your product unique and eyeful.
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National Academy of Music “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” renovated music library

NMA 002

The National Academy of Music’s renovated music library is already done! It is equipped with mobile shelving system for two archive units -  12’’  vinyl records, CD and DVD. Rails are installed into the floor. The archive mobile system is series FOREG® 2000 by Forster Metallbau GmBH . Looking forward for more photos of the filled library …
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Office Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat

Office Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat
Hanel Rotomat office carousels:
Lowering costs in office and administration
*Speed – Efficiency – Reduced costs! – The days when walls were lined with files and racks of index cards are over, as are the legwork and ladder-climbing that were involved in searching for and archiving files – it took too much time and money! With the Hänel Rotomat we can offer you a flexible organization and filing system.
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Industrial Vertical Carousel Hanel Rotomat

Hanel Rotomat storage carousel:
New dimensions in logistics.
Optimum utilization of floor space. The term upward mobility takes on a new meaning with the Hanel storage carousel. The Rotomat is as flexible as you need it to be. Units can even stretch over several stores. Goods to user -  is the motto, not user to goods. Personnel costs and cycle times can be reduced. High-performance control units and computer links ensure that the carousel can be put to use flexibly and on an individual basis. The required parts are brought to the ergonomic retrieval height at the touch of a button! Safety is of paramount importance. No climbing of ladders; no danger of accidents! The Rotomat protects all parts from dust, light and unauthorized access.
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Industrial Vertical Lift Hanel Lean Lift

Industrial Vertical Lift Hanel Lean Lift

Hanel Lean-Lift System with vertical lift technology
Simply ingenious…
The Lean-Lift uses available room heights, similar to high bay racking. Unlike high bay racking, however, the Lean-Lift stores the parts without any loss of storage space, by means of height optimization. This results in maximum storage capacity on a minimum footprint. An economic solution, convincing to all.
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