Conveyor systems



Under the aspects of speed and high availability and also with low noise emission and safety in mind, our conveying systems are developed for use in order fulfillment and distribution centers.

Quiet operation and high throughput have made KNAPP the leading manufacturer of conveying technology.

Optimize your material flow Up to 180m/min and 60 kg per unit
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Archive and Material Cupboards

Archive and Material Cupboards
A variety of fitting options make KIND material cupboards irreplaceable in the factory, workshop, archive or office. A range of housing widths, depths and heights provide the ideal storage solution for every application.

  • Series EASY – The strong welded steel-plate-construction makes the KIND cupboard EASY to a robust cupboard alternative to be used in factories or workshops.
  • Series AKZENT – The modularity of this new cabinet rang is impressive.
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Storage bins and containers series XL и BN


Storage bins and containers series XL и BN –   the two of them are available in two modifications

-          Storage bins with short side pick opening

-          Stacking and transporting containers, with different varieties of sides and base, designed for large volume storage

  • 5 years warranty

Workstation Systems

Workplace’s ergonomic arrangement  and the optimization of work processes are the strengths of  KIND’s multi workstation system. Our specialists team supports you with advice, planning assistance and the realization of complex production lines.

Workbench function
The intelligent solution for demanding usage. The unique utility rail with installable power and compressed air supply and drawers with a variety of partition solutions meet the highest ergonomic requirements.

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Storage systems


Storage and retrieval

Whether for interim storage in production, for overstock or for immediate use in picking processes – automatic storage and retrieval systems are an essential part of modern warehouse concepts.

They reliably put material at disposal, protect from external influences and unauthorized access, and greatly increase warehouse capacity by exploiting height far beyond human grasp.
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Containers series KLT and trays with high load capacity


Rigid, compact container series KLT – multipurpose container, outstanding stacking stability, numerous varieties and dimensions, three types of bases, suited for conveyors and automated bin storage installations.

Storage bins series SК and РК


Storage bins series SК and РК – classic storage bins with short side pick opening

Series SК – available also like bin racking and trolleys and louvered panels for storage bins. With optimum travel characteristics due to textured base and rounded edges.

Series РК – cost efficient option but in only two colours and four dimensioning.

Shelving systems

Shelving’s diversity depending on needs and applications:

  • different heights from 1 850 mm to 3 000 mm – for standard applications and from 3 000 mm to 12 000 mm for high store application
  • useful depths from 300 mm to 800 mm
  • shelf length from 750 mm to 2000 mm
  • shelf load capacity up to 350 kg max.
  • bay load capacity up to 1600 kg max.

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KNAPP Integrated Software


Your warehouse processes are at the center of our complete logistics solution. Experience from over 1000 installed solutions makes us a competent partner for all your logistics needs.

Make the most of the potential in your value creation chain and in your processes by increasing efficiency with our standardized and adaptable functions.
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Archive Mobile Shelvings

Archive Mobile Shelvings
FOREG mobile shelving systems are known for their high quality and – consequently – long service life. The multitude of applications, diversity of lines and profusion of accessories make for shelving systems that meet the requirements of the most discerning customers.
The use of top-quality materials, processed by drawing on the most advanced technology, guarantees that the product will work to perfection.

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