Industrial Cupboards

From the classic business fittings to complex workplace systems and assembly lines, KIND offers a range of comprehensive system solutions. You profit from our know-how: from conception, CAD planning and final assembly, we provide an all-round service for our customers.

The drawer cupboards and drawer shelves from KIND stand out with their variability, solid construction and exemplary practicality. Functionality and a range of accessories give this cupboard system a unique place amongst business fittings. Worldwide the only system awarded the RAL quality seal RG 614.

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Wide span shelving systems

Wide span shelving  systems
Bolt-less assembly – only the frames need to be bolted. Level spacing can be adjusted in 50 mm increments. Chipboard panels and steel shelves are flush with the upper beam edge to prevent damage to panel/shelf edges. Frames are galvanized, beams are epoxy-coated.

Characteristics of the system:

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Multi-tier shelving and racking / mezzanines

FBR_0664_A resized
Multi- tier shelving made with a common platform or hanging passes between the rows, combining all the capabilities of shelving systems and also building operational tiers in height by their own structure.
One solution that saves us a separate building structure, allowing the maximum utilization of the height. Comfortable and functional interior height using staircases, boarding areas or lift  for  pallets.
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Pallet racking

Heavy duty shelving and Pallet racking
PRO system – complete racking units

Bolt-less assembly – only the frames need to be bolted. Racking levels are height adjustable in 50 mm pitch. Frames are galvanized, beams are epoxy-coated in RAL5010 (blue) providing high corrosion resistance. Innovative Twin Top® beam profiling methods guarantee an optimum material thickness/load capacity ratio. Frames have a sufficient load capacity to allow combination with several intermediate bays with the highest bay width option of 3600 mm.
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Cantilever racking

Cantilever racking
Cantilever racking – one storage system – four applications:
-          For rigid long loads: arms with and without end stops

-          For flexible long loads, section profiles and bulky goods: arms with straight shelf levels

-          For ergonomically favorable picking at the place of assembly: arms with inclined shelf levels

-          For coils and vertically stored goods: tubular arms

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Library Shelving Systems

Library Shelving Systems
LIBRARY SHELVING BY FORSTER – knowledge coherently stored.

Libraries are the treasuries of our knowledge, and for this reason they need to be arranged in a special order. FOREG shelving systems give shape to this order, and they are thus an integral part of a library’s interior design.

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Museum Mobile Shelvings & Rackings

Museum Mobile Shelvings & Rackings
FOREG SHELVING BY FORSTER – our heritage properly safeguarded.

Museums and galleries are entrusted with the keeping of precious art objects. Shelving systems by Forster are designed especially to help them with their responsibility.

The multitude of design options allows us to plan exactly to requirements, and the result is innovative and flexible solutions for our clients with our Mobile shelving and racking.
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Mobile systems for Picture storage

Mobile systems for Picture storage in archives and museums
Picture storage system FOREG 3000: A superior method to store paintings which comes in two versions for use in archives and museums. Designed as retractable or sliding elements, the screens are frames fitted with stable meshing on both sides.

The retractable version is fitted with guides at the top and bottom, providing stability right up to its fully extended position and eliminating wobbling.

Folding containers series MFB


Folding containers series MFB– suited for order picking and versatile transport.

Folding reduces volume by up to 82%. Robust hinges for a long service life

  • Withstands temperatures from -20°С to +90°С
  • Multi-purposes, long life storage
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Telescopic Belt Conveyors


Moving up to 100 kg goods/meter, Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors will help you improve productivity by up to 50% and the work environment at the loading bay

A telescopic belt conveyor lets one operator move heavy or awkward packages into or out of a container/truck rapidly, safely, and with less physical strain. Extending some 20 metres/65 ft, telescopic belt conveyors can be used for any type of loose-loaded cargo – typically parcels, boxes, sacks, and tyres.

Safety, Reliability, and Innovation
These are the hallmarks of Caljan BeltTrack conveyors. The robust machines are designed with a range of innovative features to ensure the highest safety and reliable operation. All chains and other moving parts are encased or shielded to protect the operator. With a service contract, the uptime is more than 95%.

With an intuitive smart-pad on either side of the conveyor the operator can control the conveyor’s elevation and telescopic movement. Push buttons at the operator end control activation, efficient work light, and belt direction.

Innovative Features ensure advanced Performance
The market’s widest range of features can be added to many of the conveyor variants – when ordering or as retrofit – such as an operator platform, vacuum lifting aid, and a cooling fan to mention just a few.

A small base section combined with up to five extending sections gives you the freedom to choose the telescopic conveyors that suit your requirements.

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