Mini Load Automated Small Item Warehouses

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Mini Load Automated Small Item Warehouses - Efficient, Reliable and Flexible Warehouse Technology

Modern logistics centres that have to manage a consistently high volume of orders need a warehouse system that ensures constant availability to all products;

Automated small item warehousesMini Load, allow compact storage and fully automatic product retrieval, enabling high picking rates to be achieved for large quantities of small items. The products move automatically on conveyors to the picking area and ensure the principle of "product to operator";

Depending on the number of operations, the number of products and the type of carrier elements used (boxes, trays, cartons, etc.), the system can be single or multi-storey, single, double or multi-storey or combined with a picking buffer store. The system is manned by either a trans-manipulator/cranes or shuttles;

The tall construction means that the automated small products warehouse needs a correspondingly small footprint. Modern cranes and shuttles opreate in extremely narrow corridors, which further contributes to the small footprint of the system;

As a rule, Mini Load automated small item warehouses consist of a racking system with one or more axles, a crane and/or shuttles, conveyors, containers, boxes or trays for storing the products and of course management software that ensures the good organisation of the process and the availability of the individual products;

We design Mini Load Automated Warehouses to precisely meet your space requirements, product weights, picking plans and turnarounds. To ensure maximum system reliability and safety, the racking system is manufactured in strict compliance with all applicable standards as well as the highest manufacturing and installation tolerances.

Mini Load 8 Bito Logistic Systems
Mini Load 6 Bito Logistic Systems
Mini Load 7 Bito Logistic Systems

Ideal for:

When you want to have a continuous supply of products at the picking points on a product-to-operator basis, combined with constant access to every product in your inventory.
When you want to achieve a high recruitment rate of a large amount of small products.
To locate the most efficient warehouse in a small area, utilising the available height using high racking systems.
You want to organise your product range using modern management software.

Areas of application:

Distribution of medicines and cosmetics.
Distribution of fasteners, hardware, electrical and electronics.
Distribution of spare parts and auto accessories.
Distribution of food products.
Distribution of industrial products.


The principle of "product to operator". The products are stored in containers and transported to the picking point. This eliminates the time for the operator to move, pick up and return and dramatically reduces the time for the operation.
Permanent inventory information. If Mini Load automated small item warehouses are integrated with a WMS, permanent inventory information is guaranteed.
Closed system. The result of the automation is a complete redesign of the picking and storage areas. This prevents unauthorized access to the products.
One supplier for the whole system. We develop and supply both the racking system and the storage containers for the automated systems. This allows us to fine-tune all the critical components required for Mini Load automated small item warehouses.

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