SK and PK front access storage boxes

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SK and PK front access storage boxes

Small elements are most visible in BITO SK and PK front access storage boxes. SK containers are ideal for picking a wide range of small items and for use in workflows. To enable an ergonomic environment, the storage containers have an opening at the front that can be closed with a transparent window.

Ideal for:

  • To pick small items in production, for finishing work processes, on production reserve or need to hold such items in stock;
  • Store small items individually, each in a separate box and have excellent access to each;
  • To organize multiple different processes with the same box model.
Picking containers SK and PK 2 Bito Logistic Systems
Picking containers SK and PK 1 Bito Logistic Systems
Picking containers SK and PK 6 Bito Logistic Systems


Wide variety of sizes in 4 colours. From 0.3 litres to 38 litres box volume in the four main colours - blue, red, yellow and green.
Wide range of accessories. Covers, windows, additional handles, labels, longitudinal dividers, etc.
Wide temperature resistance. Resistant in temperature range -20°C to +90°C.
Multifunctional. Multiple applications.
Safe and recyclable material. The boxes are manufactured from polypropylene, which is safe and recyclable. All boxes are made of new material.
5 years warranty. We offer a five-year warranty on all SK and PK storage containers.

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