MB containers

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BITO's MB containers are multi-purpose containers - one container, three applications - transport, storage and order picking.

Stackable boxes to minimize storage requirements.

Stacking these multi-purpose containers inside each other reduce the space needed to store empty boxes. Consequently, storage and transport costs decrease by up to 75%

Multi purpose container MB 6 Bito Logistic Systems
Multi purpose container MB 10 Bito Logistic Systems
Multi purpose container MB 7 Bito Logistic Systems

Ideal if:

You must supply empty storage containers for workstations.
You want to return empty containers back to their senders.
You must store empty containers.
You have limited space to store empty boxes.

Your benefits:

Using BITO's MB containers, you can significantly reduce the space required when shipping or transporting empty boxes. This saves costs and allows you to use storage and production space more efficiently.
BITO's MB containers are ergonomically advanced and designed to be easy to use.
Suitable for automatic conveyor belts thanks to the composition and coverage of the different base options. Our containers are suitable for use with automated logistics systems.


Compactness - the BITO MB series of universal containers can be stacked to save space, reducing the space required to store and transport empty containers by up to 75%
Easy to clean - the smooth inner walls and sturdy one-piece design of the container make cleaning easy, allowing you to maintain high standards of cleanliness.
A wide range of accessories and performances - from rotating stacking rails, single and double box lids, lids with a lacing chute, label holders, single, double or triple bottom, to lockable hinges complementing the series in different ways. Many specialised options for the transport of dangerous goods and thermally labile products. Boxes for courier companies and e-shops.
Optimum safety - BITO MB containers can be firmly secured with disposable seals. This protects its contents from unauthorized access and potential damage during storage or transport.

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