Wide span shelving

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Wide varity of names - wide span shelving, long span shelving, large scale shelving with load capacity up to 700 kg per level

  • Large shelf racks for great variety;
  • BITO shelving with wide span shelves are the ideal option from boltless solutions for an amazingly wide range of storage goods;
  • Particularly suitable when the stored items or packaging are larger format and require more floor space for easier handling and storage;
  • To expand your storage options, our range includes racks from 600 mm to 1 100 mm deep, 1 350 mm to 2 700 mm wide with a maximum load capacity of 700 kg;
  • Standard heights are from 2 000 mm to 3 000 mm, but heights according to room characteristics are available.
Shelving 700 7 Bito Logistic Systems
Shelving 700 6 Bito Logistic Systems

In order to be able to cover as many requirements of our customers as possible, we offer our widespan shelves with three types of shelves, formed by means of support beams and:

Particle board with additional support beams.
Galvanized metal slats.
Galvanized mesh with additional support beams.
Boltless connection of the shelving units allowing easy and quick assembly, as well as trouble-free reconfiguration at any time.
Our system also offers a wide range of accessories such as rear and side nets, guards and dividers.

The advantages for you:

Suitable for all bulky items with manual handling.
Wide span shelving can be used for storing all kinds of large-sized products.
Extremely adaptable. Shelving system on modular basis. Depending on your needs, the racks are easy to transport, extend, expand and adjust.
Easily adjustable. The height of the levels can be adjusted in intervals of 50 mm

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