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The analysis of processes and customer needs is the starting point for choosing the most suitable solution and equipment.
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Automated vertical warehousing and archiving systems are innovative solutions for efficient internal logistics.

Industrial and office carousels, as well as automated lifts, in addition to exceptional speed
at work protect stored items from dust, light and unauthorized access.

The archive shelves are tailored to the archive media of the Client, are made of high quality materials in accordance with the latest technological innovations and are designed for libraries, offices, offices, museums and galleries.

Pallet racking systems are selected and designed in accordance with all applicable regulations and through a variety of
accessories and dynamic solutions. They find application in any warehouse or production facility.

Boltless shelving is extremely easy to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools. About
warehouse organization and production are also possible Cardboard shelf and shelf racks with boxes - fully
production of the German plant.

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Analyses of processes and needs

Analysis of the processes

Analysis of the needs

Selection of the most suitable equipment and solution

Design of archives and warehouses

The on-site meeting and specification of the needs are mandatory at the beginning of each project

Consideration of available or future data and work processes are the basis of the right choice

The solutions we offer are in accordance with all current regulatory requirements and with the highest-class equipment

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