Industrial workbenches

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Multifunctional assembly workbenches

Possibility of many variations of the multifinctional workbanches

The workbenches are available in widths from 1 524 mm to 2 004 mm, and with standard depths of 750 mm and 1 000 mm. Combined with the wide range of upgrades and ergonomic accessories, many variations are possible.

Power and compressed air supplies can be routed through the front or rear "function bands", providing outlets where needed. The tables are supplied as standard with a 25mm thick Multiplex beech worktop with a highly resistant surface finish. Alternatively, a melamine resin coated worktop with a thickness of 28 mm is available.

Whether you are standing or sitting, the height of the work table can be adjusted, and it can be from 720 mm to 950 mm as standard.


The work surface and accessories are adjustable to a height of 42 mm to ensure the correct working height.

Load capacity

The maximum load capacity per module varies according to size between 220 kg and 350 kg.

Locksmith workbench with high load capacity:

Configurable workbenches for any use.
A product that stands out from the rest thanks to its exceptional design and carefully selected details and accessories.
Integrated function bars and the height adjustment option are two features that help the user achieve maximum flexibility and convenience.
KIND have given the old workbenches a new look. A wide variety of accessories help increase efficiency and productivity, resulting in the ability to perform a wider range of tasks.
Workbench structures allow for a cost-effective solution at each workstation to meet and fulfill specific tasks and requirements.
Due to the unique design of the module, each individual compartment of the cabinet can be configured separately. Also available is a wide range of drawers at different heights, cabinet doors, open shelving and central locking. As requirements change, the multi-functional, heavy-duty workbench can be configured at any time, avoiding the need to purchase a new workbench.
High load capacity. The maximum load capacity of the multifunction work table is 750 kg.
Flexible modular system.
Ergonomic and economical.

Ergonomic workbench:

The purpose of KIND ergonomic workbenches is to focus attention on the individual and to optimally organize the work process and to achieve orderliness of components, tools, semi-finished parts, etc. spatially and consistently.
A well-designed workbench allows easy assembly of components which reduces discomfort for workers. Short distances, tables, individually adjustable body size, optimal illumination of the work area and many other factors create an ergonomic work environment. Ergonomic design contributes to improving the physical and mental health of the employee.
The ergonomic work area is divided into four zones to achieve different priorities. These areas are based on the average size of the human body.
Central work area - Both hands work in the direct field of vision.
Extended central work area - Both hands can reach all points in this area;
One-handed area - Parts and tools can be easily reached with one hand.
Extended area with one hand - The outermost range.

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