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Logistic Systems Ltd. is a Bulgarian warehousing and archive equipment company with more than 10-year market experience.

Who We Are

We focus our efforts on logistic system design and building and, at the same time, we service the complete logistic process system design workflow. Our main target is to reach, together with our customers and partners, the right concept and solution, which implemented, will ensure building well-organized archives, warehouses, stores, production areas, sorting and distribution centers and will optimize their activities.


Our Style

Together with our partners, we are involved with the design, realization and commissioning, as well as with the follow-up system service and maintenance and staff training. The individual approach we offer aims to fully satisfy any specific needs, while allowing for gradual, stage-by-stage adaptation to any demand and market changes, by integrating new modules and systems. We offer efficient solutions and create the base for a successful business development strategy, while offering suggestions and system know-how to build efficient systems for different business sectors.


Span Of The Activities

Our business scope includes the following general areas:

  • Archives – Building functional, compact, state-of-the art archives, book storage and depots, using fixed and mobile shelf systems, specialized archive cabinets and equipment. Automated archive systems – office carousels. Specialized archive equipment. Specialized equipment for libraries, museums, and galleries;
  • Warehouses – Warehousing equipment with various applications – fixed and mobile shelf systems, pallet racking in standard or drive-in execution, dynamic warehousing systems, order picking systems, cantilever systems, automated warehousing equipment – industrial carousels and lift systems, storage equipment;
  • Logistic centers – Organizing and building distribution warehouses and centers, fully integrating multiple components – picking and transportation systems, sorting systems, automated storage  and retrieval  systems, software, and know-how, aimed at achieving a working organism;
  • Production – Specialized industrial workstations, industrial cabinets, carts, conveyor belts, and assembly lines to equip production and assembly areas.