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Few sectors are as diverse as mechanical engineering. From individual components to integrated total solutions, customers demand the best quality and service. Meanwhile, international competition is putting pressure on continuous cost and process optimisation. Combined with the dynamic wider environment, trends such as Industry 4.0 make mechanical engineering one of the most demanding fields. However, with efficient and intelligent network logistics, you can master these challenges and increase your competitiveness.

Industrial production, be it metalworking, mechanical engineering, the chemical industry or the construction of large plants, depends on reliable, robust and flexible logistics systems. Raw materials and semi-finished products must be available exactly when needed. Inventory and material flow transparency provided by RFID and barcodes is one of the many critical elements in manufacturing logistics. As technological developments continue to accelerate, in-house logistics must respond by coordinating increasingly flexible product volumes and options. In industrial production, perfectly balanced logistics form the basis for a high leap in the international market.


  • Shorter development times and product life cycles mean that flexible and dynamic logistics systems are needed;
  • Customized warehouses are needed to cope with increasing product variety and constantly fluctuating stock levels;
  • Reliable and intelligent storage systems using RFID and barcodes that integrate seamlessly into material flows.

In the field of mechanical engineering, some of the most used storage technologies are Hänel Lean-Lifts и Hänel Rotomat.

Hänel vertical storage systems are extremely ergonomic. Lean-Lift's containers can be fully removed at the work opening and allow the diverse storage requirements to be covered. By measuring the height of the stored units and positioning them accordingly, a compact and well-balanced storage of heavy loads, from floor to ceiling, on a very small area of the warehouse is ensured.

The industrial application of Rotomat trolleys divides them into different models, according to the load capacity of their chains and the depth of the shelves. Each model has different shelf spacing and height options relative to this raster. The construction of the Rotomat is sheet steel identical to the cellular technology of aircraft. Circuits with five-fold dynamic and seven-fold static provision. Both solutions provide an extremely good arrangement of goods, which allows for quick access. Goods shall be protected from dust, light and unauthorized access. The machines also connect to warehouse management software.

Examples of completed projects in Germany can be viewed on the company's website.

In Bulgaria: Pnevmatica Serta JSC - Kardjali, Hydrosystem Ltd - Yambol, Vikis Hydraulics Ltd - Troyan, Magna Powertrain Plovdiv Ltd.

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