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Mezzanine system

The mezzanine system is a steel structure made of main and additional beams and columns and a floor made of industrial heavy-duty chipboard with an anti-slip coating on one or more levels. The mezzanine practically duplicates /tribulates/... the area beneath it. Levels are reached by ladders, lifts or gates and allow for a variety of uses - empty, shelving, hanging systems, work areas and much more.

  • BITO mezzanine system is a very robust, flexible system offering many options. These qualities allow excellent integration into many different storage solutions;
  • When designing a mezzanine, it is possible for each level to cover different requirements to achieve efficient use of costly warehouse or production space;
  • If heavy loads are to be stored, a corresponding stable racking system should be provided. Thanks to the extremely stable self-supporting metal structure, the mezzanines are very suitable for storing heavy loads - evenly distributed load up to 1 200 kg/m2;
  • The columns and beams form a strong main structure without the need for diagonal bracing, allowing access from all sides. Mezzanine levels can be adjusted to any height required;
  • We work with you to design your mezzanine and adapt the construction and equipment to meet all your specific requirements.

Ideal solution to be your storage system:

  • Organized flexibly in the use of storage space, through levels in height;
  • Efficient use of the area and height of available warehouse space or production;
  • With the necessary robust and stable construction for heavy goods storage. The load capacity of the mezzanine can reach up to 1 000 kg/m2.
Mezzanine Systems are steel structures made of main beams, secondary beams and columns. Mezzanine shelving systems create new raised surfaces on the floors of various warehouses and rooms.
  1. Columns
  2. Beams
  3. Decking
  4. Parapet
  5. Staircase
  6. Freight gate
  7. Swing access gate

Areas of application:

Industrial buildings.
High utilisation of the area.
Storage facilities.
Distribution centres.
Shops and showrooms.
Distribution of medicines and cosmetics.
Distribution of fasteners, hardware, electrical and electronics.
Distribution of spare parts and auto accessories.
Distribution of industrial products.


High space utilisation rate - our Mezzanine system provides additional storage space in an existing warehouse area. The construction of a mezzanine will increase the efficiency of building use many times over.
Space utilization with 100% zoom - The mezzanine allows us to utilize space in height. This increases the efficiency of expensive building space by up to 100%.
Additional open space - The mezzanine system provides additional storage, picking or kitting space. The area under the mezzanine structure can also be used as required.
Fast order picking - Efficient use of floor space with multi-tier construction, allows multiple heights to be picked in parallel - with direct access to each item. This significantly speeds up the order picking process.
Perfect use of space through compact storage on levels.

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