Industrial Protection and Safety Systems

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Reliable protection of equipment, facilities and buildings with industrial protection and safety systems

Choosing industrial safety and security solutions means investing in a safe, secure and efficient working environment. The MPM Group's safety products prevent accidents and damage not only to people - employees and visitors - but also to equipment - racks, hoists, machinery, buildings and building systems.

MPM Group's industrial systems are the answer for those looking for innovation and efficiency in protection and safety. With expertise that is the result of years of experience in the field of plastic protection and safety products, quality has been an integral element in all stages of production since 1985. Products are available in more than 70 countries worldwide.


Protection of employees.
Protection of racks and structures.
Protection of vehicles and machinery.
Saving maintenance, repair and replacement costs.
Maximum return on investment in infrastructure.


Sustainability over time.
Generous to means of transport.
Scratch resistant.
Non-toxic material.
Easy to clean.
High visibility.
Resistant to chemicals, oils and fuels.

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