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Libraries Equipment

The library is the best place to combine aesthetics and functionality in the most attractive form. Library shelving systems are designed not only to maintain order and clarity, but are an essential part of the library's internal operations.

Creating a harmonious environment is a primary goal in designing space. Our products are carefully designed modular systems, matching customer requirements and needs. Library systems are of two types - stationary and mobile and are equipped with a wide variety of accessories - universal bookends and labels, lighting, auxiliary tables, book carts, etc.


  • Significant stability achieved by the most advanced metal sheet joining system (without rivets). The two materials are bonded by means of an impact with a special tool. This gives the trolleys exceptional strength without heat treatment;
  • A wide variety of end panels;
  • Excellent ventilation;
  • Same stationary and mobile units;
  • Simple design;
  • Shelves, with the possibility of arranging in height increments of 15/20mm independently for each section, without the need for a special tool;
  • Open or closed frames;
  • Interchangeable accessories;
  • Systems for different media - books, folders, pictures, video or audio tapes.

Among the libraries built in Europe are: the Cambridge University Library, the British Library, as well as many other university libraries in London, the Max Planck Institute in Munich, the Mannheim Library, the State Library in Dortmund, the Museum of Technology, as well as the picture repository of the National Museum in Vienna, the Natural History Museum of Wales, and many specialized archives and repositories.

Among our clients in Bulgaria are: the HTMU, the 35 OU, the NMA Pancho Vladigerov, the library of the American College, etc.

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