Automated vertical lift storage systems Lean-Lift

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Hänel Lean-Lift are high quality vertical storage systems with fast material retriving.

Fast material removal significantly reduces processing time, storage space and costs.

Hänel Lean-Lift - Automated warehouse lift systems use the "product to user" principle - they take out one container at a time, utilise the full height of each room and optimise their internal space in height, leaving no unoccupied spaces.

At the center of the Hänel Lean-Lift vertical warehouse is a positioning lift called an extractor, operated by a microprocessor controller.

In front and behind it are the storage racks. This is the place to store the items on trays/containers. Storage locations are reached from the extractor where the requested tray is stored or retrieved.

They allow the storage of heavy loads, eliminating the problems of overweight imbalance, which is a guarantee of durability. The systems are complete with multi-purpose containers for a wide range of items and applications.

A prospectus of the automated lift systems can be viewed below after the video.


Over 60% more storage space.
Faster storage and retrieval.
Increased productivity.
Optimal use of storage volume due to height optimisation.
Storage and handling of bulky and heavy items.
Ergonomic and safe.
Own warehouse software - WMS, standard for every Lean-lift
Load capacity per tray - from 250 to 1 000 kg
Load capacity of Hänel Lean-Lift vertical storage - up to 60 000 kg

Hänel Lean-Lift Video

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