Industrial FIFO solutions

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One of the most common warehousing solutions produced entirely at the two BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH plants in Germany is the Carton Live system, originally designed for the automotive industry and its suppliers.

The system Carton Live provides the following benefits:

  • It is based on the FIFO principle and ensures seamless compliance and clear traceability of stock;
  • Significantly reduces product picking time (40% to 70%) while providing visibility (visibility) of all items and separating loading from picking;
  • Ergonomic product picking racks with a range of options to further develop the system - with a sloping end, with a conveyor in the picking area, with buffer zones immediately above the system or auxiliary product trolleys close to the production line;
  • Warranty of the rollers - 5 years.

The system consists of a boltless shelving system with levels with rollers, with different inclination and size and the possibility of upgrading with pallet racks and conveyors.

The system also features adapters for mounting to existing pallet racks.

Storage units can be:

  • Plastic boxes and containers;
  • Cartons and similar packaging;
  • Specific media for the automotive industry;
  • Materials without packaging.

Applications and reference sites:

  • Automotive industry - for components immediately next to the production line, as well as for temporary storage before picking: Ber Hella Thermocontrols Ltd, ALS Bulgaria Ltd, ARC Automotive Makedonia DOOEL.
  • Supply and distribution - for single order picking and B2B supply preparation - Sopharma Trading AD, Fionix Pharma AD.
  • Mechanical engineering - for components next to the assembly line - Construction Equipment Ltd.

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