Automated office carousels

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Hänel Rotomat vertical office carousels are automated filing systems with a robust, self-supporting design that guarantees high durability and reliability.

The automated office carousels are designed to work with any type of media - archive cards, soft folders, hanging folders of various types, binders, electronic media and other archive units.

  • The automated vertical office carousel ensures maximum space utilisation across the full height of the room, with floor load capacity available, providing exceptionally good arrangement and quick access to archive media, networking to create an integrated archive system, as well as securing media against dust, light and unauthorised access;
  • The Hänel Rotomat vertical office carousel reduces administrative and office costs;
  • The days of overflowing shelves of dusty folders along your office walls are now a thing of the past;
  • Moving around with ladders and digging through shelves takes a lot of time and money. With Hänel Rotomat we can offer you a tight organisation and filing system;
  • Saves time. Hänel Rotomat gets the folder you need to the exit in seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Microprocessor control of automated office carousels allows a choice between several solutions versus the need to simply select the desired shelf or integrated document management with the ability to connect to an external document management system.


Each of the Hänel Rotomat models is designed according to the time-tested and proven Ferris wheel (vertical carousel) principle, i.e. the stored materials are brought to the operator, not the other way around. This saves you time.


Optimal use of space. The term growth takes on a new meaning with Rotomat.
The Rotomat Vertical carousel is flexible to your needs. Archived materials can be from several different areas.
Materials to employee is the motto, not employee to materials. Staff costs and cycle times can be significantly reduced.
The searched materials are retrieved to an outlet, ergonomically shaped with a countertop at normal height, by pressing a corresponding button.
Security is paramount. You don't climb stairs, you don't stretch and bend.

Design and additional information:

With several colours and their possible combinations, the Hänel Rotomat fits easily into any interior. You can choose between four modern colours as well as the finishing varnish.
Office Rotomat includes several pre-configured models for different archive media such as: Office Files, Lateral Folders, Hanging Folders, Card Files, etc.
The Office Rotomat is designed to be used in a sitting position on an office chair with a desktop height identical to an office desk.

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