Automated pallet warehouses

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Automated pallet warehouses are a fast, cost-effective alternative to manual logistics processes with an ever-growing application.

High pick up speed, low error rate.
Automated pallet warehouses are usually fully automated systems. However, it is also possible to implement them as a partially automated solution. These systems are then used as a buffer or backup storage system.
Implementing an automated pallet warehouse system saves a lot of time from business logistics processes. Compared to the conventional manual option, automated systems replicate easily identifiable financial benefits, especially when combined with carton live storage, pallet live storage and pallet racking.

Automated pallet warehouses are solutions and represent a real alternative to manual operations.
In automated pallet warehouse systems, processing times are significantly shorter, picking and storage errors are reduced many times over, goods are always available, and the space and storage volume required is significantly less. The computer-controlled system ensures constant inventory availability.
As a closed system, the automated pallet warehouse also has the advantage of preventing unauthorised access to products.

Ideal solution to be your storage system:

Optimised for volume, to save space and be computer controlled.
To achieve a constant stock availability.
Prices dial up quickly through lead time.
Need a great buffer or backup storage solution.
You want the error rate for storage and picking to be as low as possible.

Areas of application:

Production of medicines and cosmetics.
Manufacture and distribution of fasteners, hardware, electrical and electronics.
Production and distribution of food products.
Production and distribution of textile products.
Production and distribution of industrial products.


Reduces lead times. The turnover and speed to pick up are much higher with automated systems than with conventional ones.
Low error rate. In the automated pallet warehouse high-rack system, all processes are computer controlled. This significantly reduces the level of errors in storage and picking.
Constant product availability. The racks in the automated warehouse are monitored automatically at all times. This ensures that all products are always available.
Increase in storage space and storage volume. When storing the same amount of products, automated high bay warehouses require much less space than conventional warehouses. Warehouse space and volume are saved, therefore the construction cost is saved.

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