Automated warehouse systems

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Whether for temporary storage in production, for stocking or for direct use in the picking process, automatic storage and retrieval is an essential part of modern concepts.

They reliably position materials on location, protect against external influences and unauthorized access, and greatly increase capacity by utilizing great heights far beyond human capabilities.

Most of all, they minimize the need for manual handling.

Speeder Systems:

Modular single-mast system for automatic storage and picking in high-rise or gravity racking systems, grouped in towers up to 4 modules high.

Smart Systems:

Double-deck system for automatic storage and handling of loads, trays or boxes in high-bay and gravity storage systems. Continuous operation in high-rise automated warehouses.

OSR 32:

Много динамична совалкова (shuttle) система за транспорт за автоматично складиране, извеждане и сортиране на стоки с тегло до 32 kg. Нова технология, която прави възможно едновременното складиране и извеждане на стоки на едно ниво.


Конвейерни системи с добра скорост и висока надеждност, съчетани с ниски шумови емисии и безопасност.
Системи за набиране на поръчки. Продуктовата гама, структурата и организацията на процесите и най-вече пазара с нарастващите си изисквания, са решаващите фактори при избора.

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