Universal storage container BN

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Classic universal storage container with many versions.

BITO BN (Bito Norm) is a versatile plastic storage container with closed or perforated walls in a wide variety of sizes.

Container with open construction that allows easy maintenance of hygiene.

Features and Benefits:

Perforation of the box walls. BITO Standard BN with perforated walls is lighter than the standard container with closed walls. The clearly visible interior makes it extremely easy to use and suitable for products such as those that need to be kept cool or for quick drying.
Universally applicable. This series of plastic containers is available in a wide variety of sizes, including numerous heights and wall types. Containers can be supplied with openings on the front or sides, and perforated or closed sides, depending on your requirements.
Easily portable. The container is fitted with open handles making it easy to carry by hand, even when full.
Extremely robust design. The design of the base and the sides of the BN box are designed to be very stable, allowing it to be used even for very heavy loads, combining also ease of maintenance.

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