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Pulvisina® is the smaller and lighter book cleaning machine. It can be place on any library desk, or combine with a transport trolley with adjustable height work position. It has been concept as preservation tool to clean collection before renting & return of book, and an ideal solution for libraries that have not volume or budget to warrant a Depulvera®. The operator has to make three steps to clean each book. The low noise level allows normal operation of the machine also in reading rooms. The maximum dimensions of the books that can be cleaned with this machine are 100x330x330 mm, and the machine itself has dimensions of 454x580x634 mm. The working speed is 5 books per minute.

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Depulvera® is a complete automatic book cleaning system realized to remove dust from books. With one book single passage the machine guarantes an optimum dusting to your collection. It has been designed to give consistent high quality cleaning with the last book of the day being cleaned as well as the first. Depulvera® is compact and simple to use and can be operated by conservators and library technicians in all but the narrowest book stack aisles. It works combine with external Hepa vacuum cleaner to provide a safe enviroment to operators. The maximum dimensions of the books that can be cleaned with this machine are 140x300x400 mm and the machine itself is 750x1250x1200mm. The working speed is 12 books per minute.

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