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Book sterilizer with UV light


The modern UV machine "Book Sterilizer SK-8000" is a book sterilizer that enables cleaning, dusting and sterilization of 6 books simultaneously in 30 seconds. Ultraviolet sterilization is not only one of the most effective sterilization methods currently available, but it is also harmless to the human body and the environment.

"Book Sterilizer SK-8000" is extremely effective against pathogenic bacteria, germs and viruses. The three UV lamps provide maximum disinfection and deodorization is provided by an air freshener that is installed in the machine. Extremely easy to use - via a one-touch mechanical button (start/stop). Books can be offered to readers as soon as they are sterilized.

The UV lamps are positioned to provide 99.9% effective protection against dust, parasites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Maximum sterilization is achieved, 64 times greater than direct sunlight. Dust is removed from the books by high air pressure and a strong flow of air. The filter completely cleans the exhaust air from the chamber. It is important to note that when sterilizing books in the "Book Sterilizer SK-8000", the book body is not damaged.

"Book Sterilizer SK-8000" has CE certificate as well as results of other laboratory tests. This enables users to safely use the documents from the library's collection. With a state-of-the-art ultraviolet dusting, disinfection and sterilization machine for library materials, library patrons will feel at ease when using the holdings and collections.

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CE certificate.
Dimensions - 650/580/720 mm
Weight - 30 kg
Housing and interior - stainless steel.
Front cover - UV protective, tempered glass.
Filter - easy to clean and replace.
Strong sterilization - 64 times greater than direct sunlight.
Capacity - up to 6 books at once in 30 seconds.
99.9% effective against dust, parasites, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
3 pcs of powerful UV lamps ensure maximum sterilization.
The positioning of the UV lamps ensures maximum sterilization.
The dust is removed from the books by high air pressure.
The filter perfectly cleans the outgoing air from the chamber.
Deodorization is provided by an air freshener installed in the unit.
Noise level - below 40dB
Maximum book length - 50 cm
Power supply - 220V, 50-60Hz
Consumption - 140W
Power of three UV lamps - 45W
Timer control - from 10 seconds to 9 minutes.

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