Cantilever racks

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Cantilever racks systems for long products

Storage of long and non-standard products such as bars, profiles, pipes, wooden beam panels and other bulky or non-standard items is easiest with cantilever racking.

The cantilever racking system consists of columns and cantilever arms and can be configured for single or double sided use. Depending on the chosen coating, the racks can be used indoors (powder coated or painted) or outdoors (hot-dip galvanized);

Depending on the size and weight of the goods stored and the space available, we design cantilever racking to meet your needs and integrate it into your existing warehouse and logistics operations;

We offer a wide range of column and cantilever arm profiles with many different load capacities and designs;

Depending on the height and weight of the stored goods, we offer three different options: cantilever racks for light (L type), medium (S type) and extra heavy (ES type) loads. By combining these types with the right accessories, we can meet your specific needs and desires;

Our products, as well as professionally planned customized cantilever racking systems for long loads, are based on your unique data (warehouse size and equipment, existing base and type of stored goods)

Cantilever rack for light to medium loads:

Need to store long and bulky goods.
Instead of just forklifts, lightweight cantilever systems can also be manually operated.

Cantilever rack for heavy duty applications:

You store long, bulky and particularly heavy loads, usually in whole packages.
Use forklifts or cranes to service cantilever racking systems.

Your benefits from cantilever racking systems:

Accessible and well-organised storage. With cantilever racking systems, long and bulky goods are stored well organized and you have direct access to each product.
Efficient use of storage space. Cantilever racking is customized to fit your existing warehouse space, making the best use of your warehouse space and volume.
For indoor and outdoor use. Cantilever racks are available in galvanized and painted versions. Depending on the surface treatment, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The roof construction ensures that goods stored outdoors will be dry.
Single and double sided configurations. The system allows access to the racks from any side.
Effectively low maintenance cost. Low maintenance costs make the system one of the most cost-effective solutions.
Diverse applications. The storage system is very flexible, easy to expand and ideal for storing a wide range of bulky goods.
Quick assembly. Cantilever racks can be quickly and easily assembled and reconfigured as they use a relatively small number of components.

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