Carton Live System

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Gravity roller storage systems for single packages are known by many names: Carton Live, Gravity Storage, Live Storage, Flow Racks, Dynamic Storage

  • All of them provide dynamic storage under guaranteed FIFO principle;
  • Carton Live finds its main application in order picking of fast moving consumer goods. In manufacturing, you can find them as buffers in production processes or in item loading in final assembly areas;
  • Carton Live storage system can be found in many varieties - as a stand-alone system, or as a system with a pallet buffer above the picking area, but very often as a transformed area in a pure pallet warehouse, in which a picking area for fast moving goods is built, you can also find it in automated warehouses with manual picking areas on the lower levels;
  • The system allows a wide variety of level performance, width, shape, load capacity, number of tracks and/or channels, modulating the dial area. In order to ensure maximum efficiency of picking and order fulfilment processes, we can also incorporate conveyor systems into our racking.

Ideal for:

  • Increase the dial speed. With Carton Live storage systems, goods can be picked five times faster than from a standard racking system;
  • Have quick access to high or medium turnover products with high stock rotation;
  • Fulfill customer orders quickly and efficiently, avoiding potential errors;
  • Supply workstations or production lines with goods and parts quickly and clearly on the FIFO principle.

BITO's Carton Live storage system

  • Carton Live 's pickup is based on the operator-to-goods principle.
  • The shelves are loaded from the back. Once loaded, the goods move on plastic rollers to the opposite side where they can be removed/picked up when required.
  • With the Carton Live storage system, items are stored individually in plastic containers or as a single packaged product.
Carton Live Storage 12 Bito Logistic Systems
Carton Live Storage 13 Bito Logistic Systems
Carton Live System
Carton Live System
Carton Live System

Benefits for you:

High recruitment efficiency, high productivity.
Low probability of accidents, high degree of safety.
Advanced ergonomics, extremely quiet roller movement.
Extremely compact. Flow racks store goods compactly and well organized on the picking side. This way all products are clearly visible and the time to reach is very short (40% shorter than standard shelving). This improves employee efficiency and reduces task completion time. Storing goods in this compact system results in space savings of around 30%. Strict separation of the loading and picking areas also increases employee productivity.
Long service life. Robust, solid system components ensure a long service life, even when used intensively. The investment cost of the system is often paid off within one year, which means that when you acquire the Carton live storage system from BITO, you also avoid taking financial risks.
Reduces the level of employee workload and gives them maximum view of the goods.

Our plastic rollers are extremely quiet, reducing noise pollution. Daily work is also easier thanks to the clear visibility of all items on the shelves.

Easily adapts to meet new demands.
Possibility of expansion and relocation at any time.

Areas of application:

Buffer zones in many types of industries - auto components, electrical products, electronics, cosmetics, etc.
Distribution of food products.
Distribution of medicines and cosmetics.
Final assembly areas.

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