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Export pallets or stackable plastic pallets are designed to replace wooden pallets in international trade.

Export pallets, also known as Nest pallets and are manufactured by Cabka Group.

Export / Nest pallets are lightweight and stackable. Their light weight, space saving and durability are key features that every pallet should have.

Stackable pallets are made from recycled HDPE or PO and save up to 75% on empty stacking space. The well-established lightweight design facilitates handling and makes them optimal for export. Even in indoor closed pools, export pallets are in demand because of their high quality and high turnover. Easy slide insertion allows export pallets to have more than one use.

export pallets in pallet pool

Nest's range of export pallets is extremely wide and satisfies even the largest requirements.

Pallet sizes 400x300 mm, 600x400 mm and 800x600 mm are supported as standard. Europallets 1200x800 mm and Industrial pallets 1200x1000 mm.

Separately, we also have many variations for different applications, such as for BigBag for example, 1100x1100 mm, 1120x1120 mm and 1140x1140 mm, and we also have special sizes 1219x1016 mm and 1200x1200 mm.

Almost every size has several options in terms of load capacity, profiles, solid or open deck, legs or sliders.

Nest E1 is the most common of this type of Euro pallet. Part of the nomenclature is maintained in stock.


Production in ESD environment.

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