Folding boxes EQ and MFB

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The revolutionary folding boxes

A real innovation folding boxes EQ and MFB. They can be folded to save extreme amounts of space. They are also easy to use, extremely robust, comfortable and ergonomically designed.
Folding boxes have received numerous awards for features and design.

Advantages of the BITO EQ folding container:

Extremely spacious and extremely economical. BITO's EQ plastic folding box is a real space-saving marvel. Available in two different heights. This sturdy container saves space and provides significant storage space. Storage space is reduced by 75%!
Easy to operate. The folding mechanism of the BITO EQ was developed in collaboration with leading ergonomics experts and is extremely easy to operate. The ergonomic side folding handles require minimal force to operate, meaning the box can be easily folded without the possibility of injury. This collapsible container comes with a fully enclosed front and folding handle to ensure maximum carrying comfort.
Protection and safety. Optionally, the BITO EQ is also available with an opening lid that can be sealed. This protects the contents of the box from unauthorized access and potential damage during storage and transport.
Extremely resistant. The BITO EQ comes with a range of bases - ribbed or double, as an alternative to the standard base. The folding box becomes ideal for storing and transporting all types of goods, even the heaviest of them.
Optimal usability.

The BITO EQ folding box is available with two handle options - open and closed:

The closed version allows the container to be filled to the top. The label positions are well distributed, allowing you to mark a folding container with any barcodes, RFID tags or other labels. These labels are clearly visible even when the box is folded.

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