Hygienic pallet

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Hygienic pallets are plastic pallets that meet food safety requirements.

Hygienic pallets, of the concern Cabka Group, are made entirely of high quality HDPE without holes and pores where dirt can be trapped. Easy to clean and dry, with a smooth and closed surface, hygienic pallets are the perfect combination of mechanical perfection and hygienic requirements. Available in many varieties - with sliders or with legs. The standard colours are white, grey, yellow, blue and black. Possible options - securing top edge, anti-static versions, fireproof and with customer logo. The best-selling pallets of this series are the Europallets Hygienic E7.3 and the Industrial pallets Hygienic i7.

Due to their characteristics, they are successfully applied in many industries that place high demands on them - pharmaceutical production, food industry, electronics and many others looking for pallets with high performance.

They are available in two main sizes Europallet 1200x800 mm and Industrial Pallet 1200x1000 mm.

All types of pallets can be found below in the prospectus.

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