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Industrial cabinets KIND

A wide range of options combined with outstanding levels of functionality and quality make KIND 's industrial drawer cabinets the ideal solution for factories, workshops and job shops. Every item from the smallest electronic component to large and heavy instruments are stored properly, safely and tidily.

Our special feature, the patented KIND closing technology, provides complete protection against cabinet tip-over by fully locking all but the currently open drawer.

The best integration:

Our drawer cabinets are part of a fully integrated range through the use of design elements, construction principles and many shared components. Drawer cabinets complete the impressive range, along with drawer shelves, prefabricated trolleys, workbenches and cabinets, allowing a wide range of requirements to be met


Each compartment can be individually configured with drawers, pull-out shelves and fixed shelves to meet any requirement.
The cabinet shelves and drawer tray are available in RAL 7035 light grey, the drawer fronts in RAL 5023.
We offer industrial cabinets up to 3,000 mm high, equally divided.
The drawers have a central locking system and are 3 x 150 mm high and 8 x 120 mm for each stand. The shelves are equipped with RK containers with dividers.
Load capacity with a height of 3 000 mm is 4 500 kg.

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