Industrial carousel systems

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Hänel Rotomat Industrial carousel systems

The Hänel Rotomat is a vertical automated warehouse designed on the Ferris wheel principle (the vertical carousel principle), where the goods are delivered to the operator and not the other way around - this saves time.

Hänel Rotomat - Intelligent industrial carousel systems that enable flexible material flow management with minimum labour consumption, optimum use of space at height and the possibility of inventory control at any point in time. Extremely convenient for increasin retrieval, storage of expensive items and goods, production storage near the point of use or tool depot on multi-purpose complexes and assembly lines.

A wide range of load capacities and shelf depths combined with various overall load capacities are standard features for industrial carousel systems. Combined with modern microprocessor control, vertical automated warehouses offer a complete system that meets the highest expectations of modern industrial production and warehousing.


No more climbing a ladder or walking long distances to find and store parts or items. The required elements are automatically aligned to the optimal ergonomic retirieval height.
The compact design gives you 60% more storage space in a minimal footprint, using the full height of the room - This saves costs!
Individual and versatile. Each task demands a precisely defined solution Trays and mechanical elements are selected and assembled according to the size and weight of the stored items. This flexibility is what makes the Hänel Rotomat so cost-effective. Multi-functional carriers give you the option of individual and varied internal fittings.
The Hänel Rotomat brings the required parts into the ratrieval area in just seconds.
All products are protected from dust, external influences and unauthorized access.
Intelligent microprocessor control with proprietary warehouse managemant software.


Warehouses for spare parts
Warehouses for ESD products
Warehouses for tools and dies
Warehouses to internet shops
Warehouses for medicines and cosmetics
Stocks of hospitals
Warehouses for production materials and fasteners
Buffer warehouses
In production warehouses and many others.

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