Library shelving

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FORSTER library shelving

Systematically stored knowledge. Libraries are the treasuries of our knowledge and should be arranged in a special order. FOREG shelving systems give shape to this order and are at the same time an integral part of library interior design.

Libraries are a great place to merge aesthetics with function. Library shelving is designed not only to serve order and clarity, but is also an essential part of the library's inner workings. Achieving a harmonious atmosphere is therefore at the starting point of our planning efforts. The wide variety of end panels and frames for use as design elements is typical of FOREG-equipped libraries. This allows you to achieve your own personalised solution.

FOREG shelving systems combine individuality and professionalism:

Whether they are placed in reading rooms or archive repositories.
Whether standard or console.
Whether mobile or static.

FOREG 1000 cantilever library shelving system:

This classic shelving system is very popular in reading rooms and open spaces of libraries, thanks to its open design and the wide variety of accessories that can be easily replaced without the need for tools.
The wide variety of decorative end panels makes it possible to achieve individual designs.
The system has the ability to move the shelf through a 15 mm rack, easy reconfiguration and extension, performance as movable shelves, fully ventilated, lightweight design, accessories interchangeable with those of the FOREG 2000 system.

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