Light duty cantilever racking

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Light duty cantilever racks are different in truck-operated racks or manually operated racks. In the aluminium or plastics trade, the loads moved and stored are very light. However, as with heavy duty racking, the requirements frequently are for optimum space utilisation and ideal technical solutions. This may be implemented by means of conventional cantilever racking but also by means of VNA warehouses, automated warehouses or paternosters/mobile racking. The decisive factor are the objectives that you want to achieve with your project.

Racks that are operated or moved by hand are mainly found in carpenters’ and woodworkers’ shops but also in the drywall construction and metal processing industries. Light duty cantilever racks are required for such purposes, for picking individual plates or sections, for keeping the rack tidy and in order, and for supporting the production process. Rack height, rack depth and arm loads can be optionally configured. However, for manually operated cantilever racking, the most frequently used heights are 2,000 or 2,500 mm and the useable depths are mostly 600 or 800 mm. Upon request, we can also equip racks with a trolley base, casters and/or shelves to be used as mobile solution for transport within the company/factory. You can choose from our entire range of standard accessories. All racking is delivered including all mounting and fixing elements, as well as floor anchors.

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Light duty cantilever racking

Customised adjustment to all requirements
Clipped-in, height-adjustable arms
Easy handling
Large selection of standard accessories

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